23.11.2017  Düsseldorf

Innovatives Projekt unterstützt Palmölkleinbauern in Kolumbien mit einer digitalen Plattform

Digitale Förderung für Palmölproduzenten

Henkel kooperiert mit der internationalen Entwicklungsorganisation Solidaridad, um nachhaltiges Palmöl zu fördern und Kleinbauern in Kolumbien zu unterstützen. Dieses neue Projekt ist eins von sieben Projekten weltweit, an denen Henkel momentan mit Solidaridad arbeitet – mit einem bedeutenden Unterschied: In Kolumbien unterstützt eine digitale Technologie die Kleinbauern.

The project in Colombia is the seventh initiative of its type that Henkel and Solidaridad are currently engaging in together, and will provide independent farmers with training in efficient and sustainable farming methods.

The project aims to open up new markets for small farmers and provides increased job stability for the local workforce.

By leveraging a new digital platform, called Farming Solution, Henkel and Solidaridad aim to empower smallholders to increase productivity, reduce environmental impacts and take steps toward having their crops certified as sustainable.

The palm-related materials that Henkel uses in its products are at the end of a long and often complex supply chain.

Palm oil is an increasingly important commodity in Colombia, with 1.1 million tons of crude palm oil produced in 2016. Around half of this is produced by more than 5,000 smallholders.

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