Interview mit Bilyana

Bilyana Rakovska

Universität Wien

Job title: Global Brand Management Intern
Duration: 12 months
Business Unit: Adhesive Technologies

What is the greatest learning you will take home after your internship at Henkel
Every day at Henkel is different and challenging, but most of all, a great opportunity to learn. I’ve learned to handle and follow up many different projects at the same time, but also how to cope with pressure.

What is the biggest fun factor while working at Henkel? 
I really enjoy the outdoor activities we do as a team – this year me and my team participated in two running events!

What is unique about working at Henkel?
What distinguishes Henkel from other places is that you are surrounded by amazing people – smart, supportive and open-minded.

Being an intern at Henkel, what do you like most about it? 
Being part of the Global Marketing Team, I have the opportunity to work on many exciting projects, which include different marketing channels. Furthermore, I am participating in the creation of the innovation pipeline and working daily with local brand managers all over the world helped me to expand my knowledge of the adhesives business and better understand that market. What I like most is that the team supports me if necessary, but they also put a lot of trust in me, so I can make my own decisions.

Do you consider Henkel as a future employer and why?
Absolutely. Henkel is a great place to work and has a global footprint. It is the ideal place to build a career. 

What surprised most about your internship?
I was pleasantly surprised to have responsibilities and ownership from day one.

What comes to your mind first, if asked about the people at Henkel? 

Describe Henkel in three words.
International, Dynamic, Sustainable