Interview mit Davide Rodolfo

Davide Rodolfo

WU Wien

Job title: Logistics Intern
Duration: 6 months
Business Unit: AOE (Logistic Network Development EU)

What is the most important experience you will take away from your internship at Henkel?
It is a common understanding that when evaluating a job position, a company, or an entire industry the main focus should be the benefit offered, the salary, and the flexibility of the working hours, but working for Henkel I discovered that in reality what makes the fiber of an office are the people in it and the relationship that you can build with them. There´s no point in having a high number of benefits and perks on paper if a company is not able to empower its employees to fully exploit them by creating a welcoming environment in the office, a thing that Henkel succeed in doing and should be considered when applying to a company

What do you enjoy most about working at Henkel?
As clear by my previous answer, my colleagues, especially my boss Oliver. He went the extra mile to involve me in all his projects and allow me not only to be helpful as I wanted to be but also to learn a lot during my period in the company, things that should be the priority during an internship. Bonus point to the fact that having the production facility near not only there´s an internal shop, but the office (at least mine) smells of soap 24/7, I love it.

Describe Henkel in three terms.
Network, Welcoming, Involved

Do you see Henkel as a future employer and why?
I surely do, I´m planning to renew my internship if possible, for an additional 6 months and after that, I would be happily considering positions in the company since I would finish my Master of Science and I would be able to start working full time.

What is unique about working at Henkel?
I find working at Henkel unique thanks to the distribution around the globe of the company. During my entire internship I was based in Vienna but my boss, Oliver, was based in Germany, and the coordinator of the team, Gianmarco, was in the UK. Thanks to Henkel´s network, it is possible to create teams coming from the entire world collaborating to solve complex problems and I think this to be a unique organizational-wise even for companies as big as Henkel.