Interview mit Lorenzo

Lorenzo Cadorin

Bocconi University Milan

Job title: E-Commerce and Trade Marketing Intern
Duration: 6 months
Business Unit: Consumer Brands CEE

What is the greatest learning you will take home after your internship at Henkel? 
Once you feel like you have learned a task, make it fully yours. Think critically about it and think “What could I do to deal with it in a more optimized way? How can it be done better?”. This is the only way in which I can grow.

What is the biggest fun factor while working at Henkel? 
The environment in my department is super friendly. We are business casual as far as clothing AND human interaction are concerned! There has been no days so far without moments for sharing funny jokes or stories with managers or other interns

What is unique about working at Henkel?
I am working in a place that is good at what a company is supposed to do: creating value to customers. Henkel is a great school to learn this job. 

Being an intern at Henkel, what do you like most about it? 
I am an intern but I almost do not feel like one. I am leading projects on my own and I feel that I am given responsibility so that I can develop individually. It is a good mix between horizontal and vertical organization.

Do you consider Henkel as a future employer and why? 
Yes, I see people in my department that have been working at Henkel for 20 years. They still have the same energy and will to grow that characterize fresh entrants. I am not sure I would be able to stay 20 years but… who knows! 

What surprised most about your internship?
The huge number of people that I am in touch with every day, e-commerce managers, TM and CM managers, brand managers, from almost every country in Europe and beyond…and I actually remember most of their names and surnames 😉

What comes to your mind first, if asked about the people at Henkel? 
People share the culture of sharing, following a “smile & positive” culture. Despite different geographical origins. Great energy in sharing experiences, knowledge and “best and worst practices” across different departments and countries. 

Describe Henkel in three words.
Diverse, leading, community